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JBoss Enterprise BRMS Enables Rapid Response to Change


Faced with economic, business and regulatory turbulence, enterprises around the world need to respond to change, opportunities and threats more rapidly than ever before. Businesses that can respond to new regulations, customer trends, opportunities and threats by updating the IT deployments with new / modified business rules will have a competitive advantage. To date, business rules management systems (BRMS) have been complex, closed and expensive. Red Hat believes there is a better way to improve business execution and responsiveness while carving out costs. Today, we introduce the JBoss Enterprise BRMS.


JBoss Enterprise BRMS provides an open source business rules management system that enables easy business policy and rules development, access, and change management. JBoss Enterprise BRMS includes a fast and highly efficient rule engine and easy to use rules development, management system and repository. JBoss Enterprise BRMS allows businesses to reduce development time to update applications, SOA deployments and business processes with the latest business rules and policies. The ability to respond to change in hours or days updating a BRMS vs. weeks or months updating business rules scattered in stove-piped enterprise and web applications can mean the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy. The JBoss Enterprise BRMS subscription along with other JBoss Enterprise Middleware such as our SOA Platform enable this value within solid IT governance methodologies for some situations such as price changes or simpler parameter changes on policy or product configurations. Even with more complex changes such as a new regulatory regime, the enterprise can respond faster with JBoss Enterprise BRMS.


Examples where JBoss Enterprise BRMS may add significant value to an enterprise or government agency include:

  • Resource Allocation and Prioritization
  • Product Configuration - Handles complex product feature interdependencies
  • Pricing and Electronic Trading - Applying algorithms to live pricing information
  • Insurance - Assessing the premium level for new and changed customers
  • Network Security and Monitoring - Intelligent assessment of traffic for malicious intent; smart alerts and control actions
  • Authorization – e.g., Determining user permissions
  • Control Systems – e.g., Air conditioning, heating
  • Healthcare – Assessing drug interactions; prescription assistance Government – Evaluating and approving benefits such as social security, unemployment, and welfare; fraud detection


For example, suppose an upsell opportunity arose, with demand so high that a price increase is also in order. Also, let's assume that $100,000 of increased business per day is likely when the new product offering is available. With product configuration and pricing rules in JBoss Enterprise BRMS, this business may be able to reconfigure IT to offer the new upsell product and product pricing in 5 days, making the change available to all channels simultaneously. Without JBoss Enterprise BRMS, this new offering could require changing and redeploying 3 web applications and a product configuration application written in Java which may take 25 days. With JBoss Enterprise BRMS, the web applications are still part of the deployment, but now call upon the BRMS to execute business rules. The enterprise with JBoss Enterprise BRMS has gained $2,000,000 in increased revenue. Even if the old style application deployment enterprise made the change manually by faxing new price sheets to various channels, it still could take several days and then present several consistency, customer satisfaction, delivery and other issues.


We invite you to explore JBoss Enterprise BRMS and see how it may help improve your business.


We also invite you to take the JBoss SOA Assessment which will help you understand where you are in adopting SOA and what next steps may further your journey to a more flexible and agile IT infrastructure that is responsive to change. JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Consulting can smooth the path and accelerate the journey...learn more in the JBoss SOA Resource Center.



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