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We've completed a new JBoss Enterprise BRMS paperUnderstanding the Benefits of Business Rules Management Software in an Open Source Ecosystem, which is featured on the BRMS product page.

This paper walks through the following thought process describing business and IT benefits of BRMSes and how open source and Red Hat bring value to these solutions.

3  Ask yourself: What does BRMS Mean
    to you?
5  Ask yourself: Who are you in relation
    to BRMS?
7  Ask yourself: How does BRMS fit in
    the Big picture?
8 Ask yourself: What Are the Benefits
    of BRMS?
10 Ask yourself: What do you need in
11 Ask yourself: What standards exists
    for BRMS?
13 Ask yourself: What can open source
    do for BRMS?
14 Ask yourself: How can Red Hat help?


With today's rapidly changing economic, business and technical environment, enterprises gain competitive advantage (in terms of speed of response, agility and auditability/provability) with a business rules management system.  JBoss Enterprise BRMS makes the path to this advantage easier and more cost-effective.

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