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I have decided to leave Red Hat to join EnterpriseDB as Vice President of Product Marketing to drive business growth in the traditional and bridge to the new data markets.

This was a hard decision to arrive at. We’ve done a lot of great things over the years at JBoss and then as part of Red Hat. I cannot thank the JBoss and Red Hat team enough for all that I have learned and all the opportunities that have been generously bestowed upon me. The team is one of the greatest, smartest and most fun I’ve had the opportunity to work with over my many years in the industry. I’m certain of future success for the Red Hat JBoss team as well as the other Red Hat businesses’ teams.

We have achieved some major goals. In early 2005, the goal I offered to Marc Fleury was to establish a broader JBoss middleware strategy beyond Application Server. Red Hat acquired JBoss in June, 2006. We drove the future integration products to exceed JBoss Application Server’s 2004-5 bookings by 2010 (integration bookings were zero in 2005, and most of what we sold in 2010 did not exist in 2005 – SOA Platform GAed in 2008 and BRMS in 2009). We achieved this ambitious goal. At the close of fiscal year 2015, we have a significant business in Red Hat JBoss integration and business automation middleware. Red Hat JBoss is a forced to be reckoned with in the industry in 2015! We have changed Red Hat - moving it from a single product company to a multi-product company with greater influence in the enterprise.

We built a super team of product marketing managers and technical marketing managers that can co-lead (with their product management, marketing, engineering, services and support counterparts) the middleware business to greater heights in FY16 and beyond. Red Hat has a footprint of high quality collateral, marketing programs, sales and technical materials, and experience we could only dream about for many years. I met many great people, made a lot of good friends, had fun, and learned many things while doing it.

After 10 years, it is time for a new adventure in a small company. I will be joining EnterpriseDB as Vice President of Product Marketing. The PostgreSQL community and EDB products have matured to the point to be effective in taking out larger segments of Oracle DBMS deployments. Beyond that, NoSQL and unstructured data features have been added to enable EDB products to participate in the newer data markets with operational and performance advantages over emerging options in favor with developers such as MongoDB, but are not so favorably viewed in operations. EDB was recently named a leader in the Operational Database Magic Quadrant.

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EnterpriseDB is a partner with Red Hat and you may even see me haunting Red Hat Summit this year!

With Warmest Regards,

Pierre Fricke

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