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Departs EDB; Plans for Emerging Opportunities


I will be taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to handle a significant, original U. S. Civil War southern paper money hoard. These original wartime hoards are incredibly rare as most southern paper money was burned, brought north as souvenirs, used to play poker, or used as children’s play money, wall paper, insulation, and many other creative uses. After this project and transaction is completed over the next several weeks, I will be available for jumping back into the exciting leading edge of high tech!


I have decided to pursue full time or consulting opportunities in adjacent emerging markets such as the next generation application platform, hybrid cloud, AI / analytics, and/or Internet of Things platforms. If you know of upcoming executive level or advisory opportunities at startups or established companies in these markets, please let me know. My background features leadership roles in open source (almost 20 years), middleware (including app platforms, BPM (low-code), business rules, complex event processing and integration), data management and cloud deployments of the same. This experience provides the solid foundation needed to make a major contribution in these markets especially in marketing, product marketing, product management and strategy.


As of January 20, 2017, I am no longer at EnterpriseDB (EDB). I have been at EDB for almost two years and in that time, we have dramatically improved and expanded their marketing messages, materials and strategy with strong recognition from the analyst community and the large and growing EDB customer base.


Per Gartner’s 2016 Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant:

  • “Gartner's inquiry volume for EnterpriseDB puts it into the top eight most-recognized vendors in the DBMS space.”

vs. Gartner’s 2014 report which said,

  • "Market exposure: EnterpriseDB lacks breadth in its sales and marketing operations, which restricts its ability to communicate its message to potential enterprise customers."

I met great people, made a lot of good friends, and learned many things while at EDB. Thanks to those with whom I worked with for the great job, team work and the giving me the opportunity to help others grow and be successful. We have significantly grown and evolved the company during the past two years. EDB is much more recognized in the industry now than at the beginning of 2015, setting the stage for more growth.


All the Best,

Pierre Fricke

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