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The judges have voted and the PSPs have been purchased. ;-) The First Annual PortletSwap Meet is over and the winners are as follows:

  • Collaboration Portlet: Aron Gombas for Kosmos (Komposite Open Source Monitoring Suite), a set of JSR168 portlets for monitoring JIRA, SVN, CruiseControl, and SourceForge.
  • Framework Portlet: Ralf Eichinger for a Tapestry portlet, showing how easy it is to develop and utilize the Tapestry framework in portlet development.
  • Enterprise Portlet: Jamie McCrindle for PortletBridge, A web-clipping portlet used to integrate backend information systems with JSR168-compliant portals.


We'd like to personally thank everyone that submitted portlets to PortletSwap during the contest and would encourage all of you to continue submitting in the future. You have all made PortletSwap the largest Open Source portlet exchange community on the web for JSR168-compliant portlets!


The PSPs were purchased yesterday by myself and our marketing director, "Joltin" Joe McGonnell, and will be mailed out this week. For some insane reason we were not able to buy them at the local Gamestop due to their corporate policy, which dictates only one PSP can be purchased per customer. I'm not exactly sure why some brainiac thought it was a good idea to ration PSPs like bottles of water to hurricane victims, but his wackjob ideas are surely costing you more than he's worth. Its a toy, guys, not an essential article needed to sustain life... no matter what your 12 y/o customers tell you. Perhaps they're running a charity and not a business? Anyhow, we took our money elsewhere and purchased them at a sensible company willing to take our money. ;-) +1 for stupid business practices.


Roy Russo

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