Catching up on news from this year's JavaPolis brought me to the results of the whiteboard votes that were conducted.


JBoss came out as top vote getter for the "which application server do you use?" whiteboard vote. The vote results were:

  • JBoss = 85
  • WebSphere = 47
  • WebLogic = 45
  • Just Servlet = 38 (I guess this is Tomcat?)
  • Other = 31
  • GlassFish = 24


Whiteboard photo for Application Servers and Web Frameworks


I especially like the almost apologetic comment in the WebSphere column: "but not my choice".


The results of "which web framework do you use" voting was also interesting in that the top 3 frameworks were:

  • JSF = 60
  • Struts = 60
  • Spring MVC = 58


Since the new JBoss Developer Studio provides Eclipse tooling for JBoss Seam, JSF, Struts, and well as includes the JBoss Enterprise Application's cool to see how our new offering hits the mark on the most popular application server platform and web frameworks out there.


Thanks to the folks at JavaPolis for sharing these whiteboard results. Pretty cool and easy way to poll the attendees!


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