jBPM jPDL is a process language targetted for the Java platform. It includes a graphical designer, the runtime engine and a web console. Main focus of the process language is a clean integration with plain Java and task management. The jPDL runtime engine and database can be easily integrated within your project. Note that other process languages like e.g. BPEL are made available in the jBPM platform as a separate package.


The thing you just HAVE to try out is the new email integration. It took us quite a while to find a good template language that could mix static email content with dyncamic process variables content. After the integration of the JSF expression language, it was an obvious consequence that we would reuse that expression language for our email integration.


Step 1) -- Thou shall download and try out jBPM jPDL 3.2.Alpha1 --


Step 2) If you still didn't click and install the download, put on your hypnotizing-voice, do some magical handwaiving and goto step 1.