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I'm extremely excited to be speaking to and mingling with mobile/HTML5 related developers over the coming months. I will be speaking at the following events...



  • HTML5 User Group - Sept 22nd - Atlanta Ga.
    The Mobile Web - HTML5 on Mobile Devices
    About the talk:
    HTML5 is the new hotness and so is the "Mobile Web". In this kick-off meeting of the Atlanta HTML5 User Group, Wesley will discuss topics such as hardware acceleration by way of the device GPU, Caching via localStorage, client side Profiling tools, and overall performance tips and techniques when using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.


  • JavaOne 2011 - October 2-6 - San Francisco Ca.
    Going Mobile with Java-Based Technologies Today
    ...Attendees will learn which front-end mobile frameworks work best with Java-based technologies and how they can be used to kick-start your own applications. The presentation begins with an overview of technologies used to create the demo and then jumps into the code for a step-by-step tutorial.

If you're in Atlanta, I highly encourage you to go ahead and sign up for the first 2 events if you're interested in HTML5. The User Group meeting caps out at 68 people and we are already at 46 RSVPs. We've received amazing support and response from the Atlanta community for these events!

And as for JavaOne, I'm looking forward to speaking on how we can make the mobile web faster with JBoss middleware!


If you have any questions, please ask!