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Last Saturday the "Fools' Day" release went out the door.


Among a long list of changes, I would like to pick out a couple of issues which I personally find a huge improvment. Before you click off into the list, the short story is that a deployment plan which does not contain all bits will be rolled back. This means that an Arquillian deployment will no longer stall when it has 'missing' or broken bits (JBAS-9077). It also has become the default mode of operation (JBAS-9146). And with a bit of magic it works (JBAS-9082).


To me the rollback feature is a huge boon in usability. If I make a mistake (and I make many ) the application server will provide me guidance. So this "Fools' Day" release has made this fool very happy.


Grab your copy here and tell me what you think.

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