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    OperationDesc for a method was not synchronized to a method

    tpallavi Newbie

      The method in the bean -"register" takes two parameters, one a String , another a Node type that is a serializable java bean with Strings and and an Integer object as attributes.
      If I remove the Node parameter from the register method, then the wsdl gets deployed and can be accessed from:
      If not the error is displayed as:
      org.jboss.axis.InternalException: java.lang.Exception: The OperationDesc for register was not synchronized to a method of com.company.wsr.ejb.registrar.RegistrarEndpoint.

      While looking through other posts, I noticed that there may be a need for the wsi feature to be enabled during wscompile and I enabled it.
      Ever since, I am not even able to reach the page as it does not open or seems to get stuck while opening.

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