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    Right component for the job?

    Val Blant Newbie

      Hello. I am looking through the list of RichFaces components in order to pick the right one for the job, but I find that there is, of course, more than one way to do it. Since I am really new to RichFaces, it would be interesting to hear some suggestions from more experienced users.

      Here is what I need to do. Ideally the page will have something that looks like a datatable with every row containing a bunch of columns with information. I would like one of the columns to be a controller component that looks like a twisty that the user can click in order to expand a hidden panel right under the current row. This collapsible panel will contain more detailed info pertaining to the current row. The expanding/collapsing details panel should not place any restrictions on the layout of data within.

      The user should be able to expand as many of these hidden row panels as they wish.

      Could someone please recommend the combination of RichFaces components (or maybe even just one component?) that could achieve this?

      Thank you.