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    JMS Provider(s) Design - JBossMQ/JBossMessaging/ActiveMQ/MQS

    Kurt Stam Master

      The ESB needs to be able to talk to one or more JMS providers. At the service level definition we configure the host name and jndi port of the service. Since the naming system differ between naming implementations (jndi, jnp etc) we will need an extra parameter here to define the right naming context to use.

      We currently have a class called AppServerContext, which we should rename to NamingContext and we should add more implementations besides the JBoss context.

      This should give use the freedom to use any JMS provider and also to use multiple providers where the ESB can act as messaging bridge between the different JMS providers.

      Am I right to assume that with this approach we don't necessarely have to deploy ActiveMQ to JBoss, but we could run ActiveMQ as standalone and 'mix and match'? Does this make sense? I'm currently retracing Arvinder's steps with ActiveMQ, but I'd like to know if you think this approach makes sense. Maybe I'm forgetting something?



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