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    Scripting Language ESB Action

    Burr Sutter Master

      Purpose: To discuss the design of possible scripting language support in the JBoss ESB (post 4.0 GA)
      Groovy scripts can already be used inside of the transformation engine. quickstarts\transform_EDI2XML_Groovy_XSLT illustrates this capability.

      Here are the primary questions to be answered when designing a scripting language ESB action:
      A- Which scripting languages should be supported? Limit it to Groovy or more?
      B- Support for Java 5 and Java 6? Java 6 using JSR 223 introduces the javax.scripting package which allows for plug & play with various scripting engines: https://scripting.dev.java.net/
      If Java 5 is a requirement then perhaps we leverage the capabilities of http://jakarta.apache.org/bsf/
      C- What should the jbossesb.xml look like (here is an example to start the discussions):

      <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.ScriptingAction" name="ScriptingAction">
       <property name="scriptEngine" value="MyScriptingEngine"/>
       <property name="scriptName" value="MyGroovyScript.groovy"/>

      D- How should the scripting language interact with

      E- What documentation/samples need to be included? At a minimum, a quickstart that illustrates the use of scripting. It should also be "hot redeployable" much like the Rules-based ContentBasedRouting (illustrated by quickstarts\fun_cbr)
      F- Any volunteers who wish to pursue this item? If you download the SRC for JBoss ESB you can review:
      for examples on how to build an "internal" action that would be part of the JBoss ESB download.

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