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    Virtual Registries?


      I have been looking at incorporating various frameworks into the ESB and it seems that the registry is only one per ESB (is this correct?).

      It would be great if we could have a concept of a virtual registry to connect up to say microcontainer, spring, etc...

      You configure the registry:

      <registry id="myregistryid" type="spring" location="/applicationContext.xml"/>
      <registry id="myregistryidB" type="uddi" location="http://localhost:9001/juddi"/>

      Where the location can be url or classpath reference.

      And the reference to services / actions:

      <action name="SpringBeanName" registryid="myregistryid" >

      The name would looks up in the spring application context for class or another frameworks component architecture like microcontainer.

      If no registry id is found then it defaults to the default setting in the current configuration.

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