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    reRender from modal panel

    Luca Borzani Newbie

      let's say i have a page like this:

       <h:form id="the_big_form">
       <any:component id="foo" />
       <another:component id="bar" />
       <evenmore:component id="baz" />
       <!-- bottom area where i place the includes for the modal panel -->
       <rich:modalPanel id="my_modal_panel">
       <h:form id="panel_form">
       <!-- pay attention to this component -->
       <a4j:commandButton action="some action" reRender="foo,bar,baz" "other_attributes_as_needed" />
       <!-- end of bottom area -->

      this code won't work. What is the correct way to reRender one or more components from a modal panel when the components to reRender do not belong to the modal panel (but live on the same page, just in another form)?
      I tried fully qualifying the components from the modal panel (that is, bigger_form:foo for example). This approach does not work too.

      thanks :)

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