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    How do I get EJB 3 and legacy EJB 2.x beans to live in harmo

    John Curley Newbie

      Hi, All:

      Searching Google, JBoss docs, everywhere trying to find an answer.

      I am running

      JBoss 4.0.5.GA that was installed with the JEMS installer and the ejb3-cluster selection

      I created an EJB3 compliant bean and a persistence.xml and persistence unit. This is my first EJB3 bean.

      The problem is that now that I deploy my new ear file, the EJB 3 bean deploys but the previously valid EJB 2.x beans don't. They are now in the FAILED state as revealed by the jmx-console.

      Here is the printout of one of my EJB 2.1 bean console errors

      --- MBeans waiting for other MBeans ---
      ObjectName: jboss.j2ee:ear=benefficiencyEnterprise-6.1.ear,jar=benefficiency-business-tier-6.1.jar,name=DistributionCalendar,service=EJB3
      State: FAILED
      Reason: java.lang.RuntimeException: An exception occurred initialising interceptors for class com.talavara.viper.business.session.ejb.DistributionCalendarSession.getEJBLocalHome

      How do I get my legacy EJB beans work now that I have added an EJB 3 bean?

      Thank you in advance for your help,
      John Curley