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    Linear combination of options

    Khosro Asgharifard Sharabiani Newbie

      Hello to all ,

      I have some suggestions.I think we must make linear combination of options not thinking 1 and 0(boolean logic),but we must think fuzzy logic.
      What do i mean?
      I mean for example in "Keeping RichFaces constantly stable " we must choose the important things.I think the most important thing is that we must support well for RTL languages(components like Tree,Tab,...),although with compration to ICEfaces ,Richfaces have good support for RTL languages.
      And i thank Richface developers for this support.

      In "Developing new components " i think the most important issue is developing the rich text editor.

      In some other choices there is another important issues that must be considered.

      Conclusion:Please list of choices in each option for voting.
      This is better than concentrating in one option.