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    ejb3 and NO_THROW_ON_ERROR, how can it be set.

    rino salvade Newbie

      We would like to use ejb3 with http. So far things work fine but we get a problem with exceptions.
      The problem is that we would like to use the same code to connect with http and rmi. This can be done with the proper configuration on the server side.
      In the http case we get WebServerException where in the rmi configuration we get the proper excpetions that the code can handle. So far based on the documentation and other postings we found out that the NO_THROW_ON_ERROR parameter could be the solution to the dilema. To my understanding this has to be set in the metadata map on the client side. And here comes the problem. To my understanding the client side ejb3 stubs are generated on the server side and transferred to the client. So we do not have direct influence on the invoke method in the remoting package.
      Is there a solution to set the parameter as a startup property or in the server side configuration?