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    Remote-Lookup over HTTP fails with mod_jk

    Timo Wiedenmann Newbie


      i am using the JBoss Remoting to access JBoss over HTTP from a swing client.
      Got the whole thing working by the tutorial http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Accessing_EJB3s_over_HTTP_HTTPS

      This works fine while I access the JBoss directly at 8080 - even through a firewall.

      But now i wanted to add an Apache in front of the JBoss routing requests from port 80 to a Jboss on a remote machine at 8080.
      I set up mod_jk, which works fine for a WebApp on the same Jboss (JSF) -
      but the JNDI lookup from the swing client fails with a connection timeout.

      Does anyone have a infrastructure like this set up & running ?
      Any hints ?