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    What are the recommeded ways to add reports to jBPM?

    David Sanchez Novice

      Love jBPM! Got it running, made my own workflow, even customized my own jpeg for the workflow and modified gpd.xml so it would be prettier.

      Question. I want to add some links (perhaps to the header files or create a left frame) that displays reports. For instance a report would list active instances of a process, which task is currently active and who its assigned to.

      I'm fairly new to J2EE, JBoss and jBPM. I imagine I will need to create a servlet which makes a bean available which has the data required. Then perhaps a jsp page using jsf tags to display the data from the bean.

      That is about as much as I can figure out. I'll continue to research this and post my findings..please anyone who has already "invented this wheel" chime in with your thoughts.