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    Deploying to Weblogic 8.1

    Stefan Maric Newbie

      Can someone please provide a guide to what's needed to deploy a JBPM project to run on Weblogic 8.1

      The following are in my C:\jbpm-starters-kit-3.0.1\jbpm\build


      What do I need to actually deploy to Weblogic 8.1


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          The SAR is for JBoss. You need to adapt the webapp slightly to not use the jndi lookup but directly call the jbpm factory. I unfortunately have no example at hand to show you, but with a little java knowledge and the sourcecode, you should succeed

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            Stefan Maric Newbie

            If I've understood things correctly -
            the SAR file contains the JBPM engine and is deployed to JBOSS AS as a service

            We then build our JBPM process as a WAR (jbpm.war in the starter kit) and deploy that also to JBOSS AS

            The engine then manages our process

            Have I got this right

            So for Weblogic deployment - I'll need to fgure out what the equivalent of the SAR is

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              mostly. including the jbpm-3.0.jar in the war file will get you a working version. Using a sar file provides an optimization if you want a single jbpm instance in the AS.

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                Ronald van Kuijk Master

                the 3.0 webapp does not need to be adapted however, it automatically detetcs if a lookup can be done via jndi or a static reference is needed. This code is in the org.jbpm.webapp.context.PersistenceContext

                Compare the 3.0 and 3.1 and add it to the 3.1 if you want to use the latter

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                  Stefan Maric Newbie

                  Thanks, so if I'm going to build multiple processes, I should deploy the SAR independantly of the WARs

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                    Ronald van Kuijk Master

                    not necessarily. If you want to have real separate storage for each process, you can include the core jar in each webapp and give each an individual db config. That way you have full separation. It is however a deployment choice and completely up to you.

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                      Jeff P. Newbie

                      It would seem that some work would need to be done to set up hypersonic and hibernate as well...

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                        Ronald van Kuijk Master

                        oh, yes. getting hibernate to work is always needed. It is however independend of the jbpm-core jar. Hypersonic is not needed if you have another database.

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                          Victor L Newbie

                          I am beginner in Java Technology, I have assignment to deploy JBPM 3.1.1 on WebLogic Server 8.1. Would you mind telling me how to deploy step by step.

                          Thank you very much in advance.

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                            is anyone here to help on that subject ?
                            I don't understand at all how to get jbpm working on weblogic.
                            I have successfully intalled the jbpm entreprise.ear on Jboss 4.0.2.Ga with an oracle database. Everythiing seems up and running.
                            Now i would like to do it on weblogic because it is the servers that my company uses and i have to work on them.
                            Could someone please mind helping me ?
                            If u can give some informations regarding how to use that enterprise.ear to get started with jbpm on weblogic, i would be thrilled.
                            My version of weblogic is 8.1.

                            Best thoughts,


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                              Ronald van Kuijk Master

                              I think you have little change of someone helping out if you do not provide more information

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                                thanks for reading me,
                                What kind of information do you want ?
                                I took the jbpm-console.war an tried to deploy it on weblogic 8.1.
                                I dont know what to change in order to make it work.
                                I dont know jsf so my changes to make it working with jsf are low.
                                What i'm hoping for is tips about how getting started with jbpm on weblogic 8.1.
                                Like if there are some changes that are obviously to be maked ? (do i have to change the web.xml for example or if there is something perticuliar to do with the datasources ...).

                                The long term objective is making jbpm developpments with Struts.
                                In order to do that i prefer to have jbpm up and running on my weblogic server. Then i will try to do some work with struts.

                                Can u provide some help ?



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                                  Andreas Schienagel Newbie

                                  I tested the enterprise version of jbpm on different weblogic servers. Because of the nice admin-console in weblogic, its not very difficult to get it running...at least in 9.0 and above.
                                  The problem in 8.1 is, that they just "pretend" to provide an full ejb 2.1 compliant environment. Unfortunately the classes for EJB Timer Bean (TimedObject.class) are missing in their J2EE-Jar. (Anyone correct me if i am wrong)
                                  So the application is working unless you dont use timers...I stopped testing at this point.

                                  If you just want to deploy the war on 8,1, there should be no problem because it uses a different way to execute timers.
                                  To deploy,
                                  1. you have to create a deployment-descriptor for weblogic (weblogic.xml). Out of the box only a JBoss (jboss-web.xml) specified exists.
                                  2. Then you must create a datasource in weblogic for database access. (Use admin console)
                                  3. Then change transaction manager in hibernate.cfg.xml to the Weblogic compliant.

                                  I think this should do it...

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                                    Thanks a lot.
                                    I tried those :
                                    In my Weblogic.xml
                                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                                    <!DOCTYPE weblogic-web-app PUBLIC "-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 8.1//EN" "http://www.bea.com/servers/wls810/dtd/weblogic810-web-jar.dtd">




                                    I dont see what datasource i need : can you be more specific ?

                                    Can you develop about that "wablogic compliant" transaction manager for hibernate ?
                                    Sorry, its my first time using Hibernate ...

                                    Thanks for your help,



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