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    Can datascroller submit values on scrolling ?

    Martin Jozef Newbie

      i have many inputs fields inside a dataTable, and as a user tries to input
      more then 50 rows, the page performance becomes unbearable. So i thought by adding dataScroller i will be able to cut down on the screen rendering while the user adds more rows and fills them in. However
      if you input values and scroll to the next page those values do not get saved. How can i submit these values on scroll action ?

      Here is the essence of the page setup

      <rich:dataGrid >
       <!-- togglePanel in here and other stuff -->
      <rich:dataTable rows="5" >
       <h:inputText />
       <h:inputText />
       <h:inputText />
       <rich:calendar />
       <!-- lot's of input and about 8 columns -->
       <f:facet name="footer">
       <rich:datascroller id="scroller" align="center" renderIfSinglePage="false" />

      But even more importantly why is JSF in general so slow when you start rendering many input components in a datatable. If anyone knows more about this please share your knowledge.

      However at this moment if anyone can share with us if datascroller is appropriate for what i am trying to do, and if it can submit values on the data model while scrolling to the next set of rows.