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    Finding ActionHandlers from within a JbpmService

    Willem van Asperen Newbie

      I have a running JbpmService in my JBoss Application Server 4. This service is started in the AS at start-up and available through JNDI under name "java:/jbpm/JbpmConfiguration".

      A webapplication (deployed through a .war file) at some point kicks off the execution of a new process. This process uses a number of ActionHandlers. Result:

      13:38:49,651 ERROR [Delegation] couldn't load delegation class '....CreateNewItemHandler'
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: class '....CreateNewItemHandler' could not be found by the process classloader

      This does make sense because the *.class files for these ActionHandlers are only defined in the .war file. Sticking them into a .jar, placing that in the /server/default/lib folder helps. Now they can be found... But that is not fair!

      In my mind any application specific classes should be isolated into the .war file. How can I tell the JbpmService to also look into /WEB-INF/classes?


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