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    Class chooser for ActionHandler not working in designer

    Johan Hoogenboezem Newbie

      Apologies in advance if I'm duplicating a post. I did search for this.

      When I try to look up an ActionHandler I created through the handler page of the properties dialog for an action I added on a node's "node-enter" event, the class chooser only turns up classes in the jbpm-3.1.1.jar. I know my classpath is set up correctly, because if I paste my fully qualified class name in the class field directly, it is picked up immediately and I can edit the configuration fields.
      I first noticed this with version of the designer (although it would sometimes work) in Eclipse 3.1.2. It worked fine with earlier versions of the designer. Now, in Eclipse 3.2, it never works. I've even tried a recent nightly build of the full JBoss IDE (JBossIDE-200607022024-nightly-ALL.zip). I suppose its not urgent, since I can paste the class name in there, but it is rather embarrassing as I'm currently training some team members on using jBPM in our projects.
      I'll appreciate any response.
      Johan Hoogenboezem