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    Un expected behavior observed with Token details

    Narasimha Addanki Newbie

      For our Application we have defined a Process Definition which consists of States. When a Process Instance is created of this Process Definition and the workflow is initiated, The Root Token flows throw the Workflow (which may result in the creation of Child Tokens) and these tokens will eventually stop or halt at certain states. The states they reside on is decided by certain parameters and the path followed by the token.

      After the successful execution of a Process Instance we have a necessity to know the state (i.e. State Name) in which the token has halted. So we firstly find the Process Instance we require, get the Root Token, and then get the children of this Root Token. We then use the Token Class method getNode().getName(), which will return the Node Name on which this Token resides.

      Expected Behavior:

      This value of getNode().getName() can never be null as the Token has to be on a State at the point when the execution has completed successfully.


      The State is returned as null, thus resulting in a NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION.

      On later inspecting the database we found that in the table JBPM_TOKEN where the details of the token are stored, the column value of Node for this particular token is NULL.

      We have attached an Excel Sheet with the details of this table and have highlighted the NULL field.

      I have exported database details for JBPM_TOKEN to an spreadsheet which depicts null value under the NODE_ column

      I intended to attach the excel sheet but couldn't find a way to attach to this message.

      Can any one help in:

      1) for attaching the spread sheet
      2) to find the solution for NODE_ attribute becoming NULL.