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    Problem using ProcessImageTag

    Stefan Hartung Newbie


      i developed my own Webapp with JBPM and i also want to show the Processimage at the task.jsp. I did like u did but and there occur no errors as well. But if i start a task i only see the red box for the active task but no image. Do i have to consider something? I work with:

      JBPM 3.1.2
      Eclipse JBoss IDE 2.0.0

      Thanks for any help.

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          Stefan Hartung Newbie

          Maybe i have to say it,too. I use normal JSP, no JSF. Probably it is a problem with the gpd.xml. In your source code you have under src/ressources/gpd a
          version.info.xml do i have to include it,too and if yes, where and where should i mention it within the code or configs.

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            Stefan Hartung Newbie

            I dont understand why it doesn't work. I did everything right and there still only the red rectangle for the active task. The CSS-File is ok, too. Thought that it maybe the problem but it isn't. The processimage is in the database and the gpd.xml,too. I really need help because i have a presentation where i have to present it.

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              Martin Weiler Apprentice

              Do you have the declaration of the org.jbpm.webapp.servlet.ProcessImageServlet in your web.xml? Do you get any errors?

              Regards, Martin

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                David Roberts Apprentice

                I am having the same problem.

                I am using JBPM 3.2.1, and integrated it into my own webapp.
                I am not using JSF.
                I am using the ProcessImageTag.java, but when the image comes up, there is simply the red rectangle border being displayed, but the actually process image is not being displayed. If I do a view source on the resulting page, this is the section where the image should be:

                <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=566 height=541>
                 <td width=566 height=541 style="background-image:url(processimage?definitionId=2)" valign=top>
                 <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
                 <td width=246 height=46 style="background-color:transparent;"></td>
                 <td style="background-color:transparent;"></td>
                 <td style="border-color:red; border-width:4px; border-style:groove; background-color:transparent;" width=200 height=48> </td>

                Now, I am using the jbpm-console in tomcat 5.0.28, and it all works fine. The process image is displayed correctly, so I know it works. But in my own webapp, using the same database etc, not using JSF, only the red rectangle outline shows.

                Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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                  David Roberts Apprentice

                  Okay, so the

                  kind of gave it away that I am in need of a servlet. I could not find any ProcessImageServlet in JBPM 3.2.1. I ended up taking it from the JBPM 3.1 jbpm-console, and it worked. Where is the ProcessImageServlet located in JBPM 3.2.1, and how would someone know it even exists? I can't find it anywhere?

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                    Ronald van Kuijk Master

                    it is verschwunden. jbpm 3.2 uses jsf components for this as you can see in the 3.2.x console sourcecode.

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                      David Roberts Apprentice

                      Okay so it's missing :) I figured it was using jsf, but unfortunately I haven't used jsf before, so when I looked through the source code, I found it difficult to try and figure out what was going on. And I needed to figure this out for a demo on Monday, so I didn't have time to learn jsf. I think I need to spend some time reading up and playing with it sometime. Not knowing jsf really makes working with/learning the jbpm-console difficult.