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    Sample Process taking wrong transitions when using 3.2.1 con

    Karsten Dakenzschke Newbie


      I think there might be a bug in the new facelets-based console which is included in jpdl-3.2.1-suite.
      After a fresh install and starting the already deployed sample "websale"- process I see some weired behaviour:
      Clicking "More Info Needed" in the "Evaluate Web Order"-Form does not take the execution to the "Fix Web Order"-State. Instead it propagates the execution via the transition "OK", so that the next task generated is "Wait for Money" instead of "Fix Web Order".

      In 3.2GA the sample process works fine (in the old console).
      And the JUnit-Tests included in 3.2.1 also pass. So I think this might be related to the console itself?

      In case somebody got that working, I would really like to hear how.

      Thanks in advance,