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    Error getting diagram info

    masipu Newbie

      I'm getting this error in jbpm-console when i'm trying to watch the process image:

      Error getting diagram info: An exception of type "org.jbpm.util.XmlException" was thrown. The message is: couldn't parse xml

      The image is OK but I don't see the red borders on current token. The error seems to be with scandic letters ä and ö becouse there is error in console: 11:23:46,106 ERROR [STDERR] [Fatal Error] :9:15: Invalid byte 2 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.

      I have jbpm on both HSQL and MySQL and both generate the same error. I've had same kind of problems with data if there was scandic letters but after I changed to MySQL, those problems resolved.

      I think the quickest workaround would be not to use scandic letters but I don't like it becouse it's grafical presentation of process model and I want to use scandic letters in node names. Ideas to solve this? Or will process models be ascii only?