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    evaluation question: changing a running process and undo fun

    nicholas hemley Newbie


      I am currently evaluating jbpm as a process workflow engine for a custom workflow involving many actors and actions.

      my specific questions are:
      a) Is it possible to change the process definition of a currently running process? If I re-deploy a process that has already started, what are the implications for a currently running process if i) a new task is added BEFORE the current node OR ii) a new task/action is added AFTER the current node

      b) Is it possible to do a multiple 'Undo' function to roll-back to a certain point in the process (say, for example, if a mistake occurred in input earlier in the process)

      c) Are there any examples of jbpm being used in the real-world scenarios?

      d) Is it possible to accept input BY-REPLY i.e. from an email reply, if, for example, input is required from an actor. As I understand it, this would require some custom action code to parse an incoming email, use some kind of messaging system, then consume a JMS and update the process accordingly. I don't want to re-invent the wheel here!

      Any replies to these queries would be most gratefully recieved.

      Many thanks.

      Nic Hemley