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    jBPM versus MS Workflow

    Dan Grindstaff Newbie

      Hello All...I have done a bit of research on both jBPM and MS Workflow to evaluate which is the better choice for an upcoming project. I am posting my conclusion here and I would appreciate it if you could comment on it, perhaps take on or the other position and make some arguments for the position. Thanks.

      jBPM versus MS Workflow Conclusion
      MS Workflow is a superior product to jBPM for several reasons. The .NET 3.5 framework is stable (more than the jBPM API) and allows ease of build as opposed to the continual reevaluation of the underlying java platform for jBPM. Persistance and thread synchronization can be handled in a more robust, elegant manner (rich client implementation) and the MS Workflow product can be used as a platform to build applications as opposed to simply capturing a state model.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Uhm.... my personal comments

          - .NET 3.5 is stable, just like jBPM 3.2.3 is stable... or JDK 1.5.0_02 is stable. If you would have said .NET is stable, then it is a different thing (4 releases in?). The jBPM API has not changed that much in the last 2 years, so I'd say it is quite stable.

          From your statement I cannot determine where persistence and thread synchronization (aren't they two only partly related things?) are more robust in MS Workflow then in jBPM. The latter uses Hibernate which is really robust. The relation with Rich Clients is totally unclear to me, since jBPM can be used in stand-alone, pure web or rich client implementations. If you could elaborate a little more, I can try to comment.

          Comparing the MS Workflow 'platform' to jBPM is imo comparing apples to grapes (not even oranges). I think you should include SEAM, JBossTools etc... to have a real comparison (I do not know the details of MS Workflow)

          So even with my basic knowledge of MS Workflow, I have to say you statement of 'superiour' is a bold statement and needs more detailed arguments (yes, I'm biased, but I get the feeling you are to ;-) )

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            Yusen Shi Newbie


            Here's a standard method which can help you to make such decisions:
            (You can adjust the following. But next time, please give the list you scored jBPM and MS Workflow when you try to discuss this topic further more.)

            1. Standard:
            weight: 20%
            including the following subitems:
            1.1 Architecture: Java, .NET, PHP, PERL and etc.
            weight: 10%
            score: 1-5
            1.2 Workflow standards: BPEL and etc.
            weight: 10%
            score: 1-5

            2. Long term assurance:
            weight: 25%
            including the following subitems:
            2.1 Popular: I use google rank to judge it's worldwide popularity.
            weight: 10%
            score: 1-5
            2.2 Stable team:
            weight: 10%
            score: 1-5
            2.3 Stable firm:
            weight: 5%
            score: 1-5

            3. Key Functions:
            weight: 55%
            including the key functions required in your project.


            Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

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              Dan Grindstaff Newbie

              Thank you for your feedback all! I have enjoyed playing Devil's advocate!;) I look forward to more posts from any and all. It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to research this, try to build demos and get feedback from the braintrust. Please post more if you have the time and desire!

              Thanks, Dan