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    'Global' transitions

    caron Newbie


      I have defined a process (see below).

      From the UI, the user can click a button (at any time of the process) called 'Unsign Data Capture'. Regardless of which state the process is, the state must 'rewind' and execute task node 'process data capture'

      To model this, I have added transitions 'Unsign Data Capture' from each of my nodes back to the 'process data capture' node. I am wondering if there is a better way of doing this ie to indicate a 'global' transition back to a state/nodel

      This is a snapshot of my process:

      <process-definition xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.2" name="ClaimLifecycle">
      <start-state name="start">
       <transition to="process data capture"></transition>
      <task-node name="process data capture">
       <task name="process data capture">
       <assignment actor-id="#{claimLifecycleService.getDataCaptureActor}"></assignment>
       <transition to="process quality assurance" name="sign data capture"></transition>
      <task-node name="process quality assurance">
       <task name="process quality assurance">
       <assignment pooled-actors="#{claimLifecycleService.getProcessQualityAssuranceTaskPool}"></assignment>
       <transition to="process merit assessment" name="sign quality assurance"></transition>
       <transition to="process data capture" name="unsign data capture"></transition>
      <task-node name="process merit assessment">
       <task name="process merit assessment">
       <assignment pooled-actors="#{claimLifecycleService.getProcessMeritAssessmentTaskPool}"></assignment>
       <transition to="process data capture" name="unsign data capture"></transition>
       <transition to="end-state1" name="to end-state1"></transition>
      <end-state name="end-state1"></end-state>

      In reality, the process is much longer than this and for each node I have to add the same transition to get me back to 'process data capture'.

      transition to="process data capture" name="unsign data capture"></transition>

      Any help will be much appreciated.