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    Group Task Assignment proble- Unable to see task avalaible o

    Swati S Newbie


      I'm using 3.2.3 version. I'm using group(testgroup) in task node assignment expression. I have 3 users in "testgroup" but I dont see this task is available to any of the user from group.

      In pooledActor attibute I see group name but in personal /group task I am unable to see. If I assign one of the user role and If I change assignment expression to group(testuser)-->member(mynewrole) then this task gets assigned to user and can see in personal task list. If I add same role to another user then it gives delegationException.

      I want this task to be visible on task list of all users from group.

      Can anyone help me with that?

      I tried using AssignmentHanlderClass. uses assignable.setPooledActors() here again in the pooledActor attribute Users list is available but I dont see task available on each of these user's personal task list.

      Your help will be appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,

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          Tamas Kohalmi Newbie

          You cannot assign the same task to different individuals (actors). That would lead to concurrency problems like both persons starting the same task. Whose actions are really driving the task?

          You need a way for your users to see a group task list where they can take ownership of the task, or a supervisor/manager can assign it to them.
          The bottom line is that you can have only one single actor can be assigned to a task, or a group as you have found out.

          At least this is my understanding of it.

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            Swati S Newbie

            Hi, Thanks for your reply.
            As you said task can be assigned to actor or group right. I did the same thing I assigned task to group But lets say If userA is member of Group then he should see that task present in his personal/group task list.
            To take owenership of that task, that task should be visible to all members of group and then any one from that group can claim to perform the task.

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              Peter Yuill Newbie

              Hi Swati,

              This is definitely a bug. I have patched two source files to get over it. They are org.jbpm.jsf.core.action.ListTasksForActorActionListener and org.jbpm.jsf.core.action.AssignTaskActionListener . You can find them, along with a built war, at http://www.objectix.com.au/jbpm/ .

              You can build the console yourself from subversion (http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbpm/projects/jsf-console/) or use the one that I built on the 3.2.6.SP2 code base, which should work fine with 3.2.3


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                Swati S Newbie

                Hi Peter,
                Thanks a lot. I have downloaded files from objectX site.
                I will update once I'm able to fix this problem.
                Right now I used custom assignment handler class who will read who all are members in group and then using setPooledActors method assigned this task to multiple actors. Now manager can assign this task to one of the actor using "All Task" link present on his console. This task is then visible to the assigned actor on his personal/group task list.
                I know this is not the proper solution. But this is not the solution for group assignment.
                Now I will try out your suggestion and will update you. Thanks.

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                  Martin Weiler Apprentice


                  I think the heading 'Personal/Group Tasks' is just misleading in the JSF console implementation, as the list only contains those tasks that are actually assigned to the current user. But the list does *not* contain those tasks where no user is yet assigned, but where the current user is contained in the list of pooled-actors, where he is therefore a candidate for performing the task.


                  I don't think your patch aligns with the notion of 'groups' as it is used within the current jBPM console implementation. In your patched ListTaskForActorActionListener version the groups of a user are fetched using the jBPM identity module, which are then used as parameter in the TaskMgmtSession.findPooledTaskInstances(actorIds) function. In my opinion, the term 'group' just has the meaning of a list of comma-separated actorIds as used in the pooled-actors attribute, and this is what should rather be passed in into the function above, in case the list should display tasks where a user is a candidate for.

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                    Swati S Newbie

                    Martin, thats what I said in earlier replies that link heading on console is "Personal/Group Taks list" but it doesnot displays the task to user even if that actor is present in pooled actors list.
                    Only "manager" using "All Tasks" link can assign task to the anyone of the pooled actor by using link "assign" present just beside each actorname.