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    JCR Feature completed - Need to add some dependencies

    Jim Rigsbee Newbie


      I have completed the feature described in jira JBPM-113 http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPM-113. The ability to store and retrieve content nodes in the process context map.

      1 dependency will change and several new ones will be introduced. I wanted to make sure that we discuss this first before I check any code into the HEAD for version 3.2.

      Jackrabbit 1.0 and JSR 170 (JCR 1.0) libraries are required for build and test. These dependencies must be added.

      Jackrabbit introduces a change in 1 dependency: commons-collections. Currently the JBoss libraries bring this in at version 2.1. Jackrabbit needs 3.1 because it uses the new "map features".

      Jackrabbit testing and client runtime usage introduces 4 dependencies:

      * geronimo-spec-jta-1.0-M1.jar
      * lucene-1.4.3.jar
      * concurrent-1.3.4.jar
      * xercesImpl - we already have this in lib but I added it to .classpath for testing inside of Eclipse

      I ran AllTests within Eclipse and got success on all tests except for 1 Timer test failing (not related afaik). I did not seem to introduce any problems with these new dependencies locally.

      Regards, Jim