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    interested in contributing ?

    Tom Baeyens Master

      We have assembled all nice tasks that we consider doable for community contributors in one jira issue: 'the community contribution tips': http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPM-564

      All other information needed to get started with contributing to jBPM is available in the contribution wiki page http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmContributions

      regards, tom.

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          Ivan Koblik Newbie


          I work in a software development company. And we currently are very interested in jBoss jBPM. But it has to be improved many ways before we can use it. So I'd like to be able to contribute. I read much info on how to gain committer access, but I didn't get it clear.
          I've posted some sources, where I've partly tuckled problem of localization and also gave a russian localization(not full yet). This is the premier task that I've got to fullfill before going further. All that is under feature request "Localize GPD to other languages." (GPD-1)
          So what else should I do to gain access. It's written that what I've done has to be evaluated and approved, only after this I'll be able to request access.

          Thanks in advance.
          Ivan Koblik.

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            Tom Baeyens Master

            is localization to russian the first thing you would like to contribute or are there other things you consider contributing as well ?

            Koen, what is the status on GPD localisation ? Is that possible to update the gpd for that or does it require a restructuring ? Have you got an idea how localsation should be done in the GPD ?

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              Ivan Koblik Newbie

              Hello, Tom.

              That is the most important task for me now, but there is something more that I have to do. My company produces electronics, and usually production workflow is quite dim. So I have to provide some facility to SWITCH process instance from one definition to another. This is completely new development branch and doing this we could use GPD taht you already have. But there should be an interface to connect running server with GPD, for it to read information of all the processes instances and their definitions. And here comes new question: "What if we start developing Eclipse like client for jBPM which would incorporate it?".

              Maybe later I'll post some thoughts on it in jira.

              BTW: I've almost finished localization of the GPD, it uses standart resources algorithm, all the interface text data is kept in "messages[_??].properties" files, where ?? corresponds to language. I've posted it at GPD-1.

              Best regards, Ivan

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                Koen Aers Master

                Hi Ivan,

                Thanks a lot for doing this. I will return back to you shortly. I am busy with a jBPM training in London for the moment. Tomorrow I'll be back in the office again.


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                  Ivan Koblik Newbie

                  Hello Koen,

                  I've posted a final version, I hope so. I had some difficulties with making a seperate localization plugin for jBPM, so by now all the locale specific data has to be in GPD plugin JAR file. I hope you could help me here.

                  Will it be included to the next release? It may help convince programmers to use exernal resources insted of hardcoding data.

                  Best regards,

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                    Ankit Kakkar Newbie


                    Pls go through the following post and advise me as appropriate.


                    ankit kakkar

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                      Matthias Grossmann Newbie

                      Hello Tom

                      in our company we use the jBPM Workflow Engine to run our Business Processes. In order to adapt it to our requirements we made several enhancements that could be interesting for the community. So we would like to gain committer access to the jBPM Project to publish our changes.
                      Furthermore we have to make additional increments to the jBPM so committer access would be very helpful.

                      Some examples we improved in the version 3.2.3:

                      - Users can change their own passwords in the console
                      - The processdefinition xml file can be shown in the console
                      - On suspending a workflow, the signal is now cached to be able to resume the workflow
                      - In the Designer Plugin we made changes to allow custom configuration of elements under action nodes via the properties page of a node

                      we have many more ideas to improve the jBPM so what do we have to do first to get a committer access and how can we contribute our changes?

                      any help would be appreciated


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                        Bernd Ruecker Master

                        Hi Tom!

                        I know these guys. I would say, they know what they are doing ;-) So worth giving access...


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                          Ronald van Kuijk Master

                          up until the time you have commiter access, you can file jira issues and attach patches there.

                          The thing you can do in the meantime is mentioned at http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/ContributorAgreementManagement

                          btw, there is work going on to make a new webconsole which is seam based, so do not put to much effort in the current console

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                            Ronald van Kuijk Master

                            oh... and btw, it is *required* to come to dublin on june 6th ;-)

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                              Swati S Newbie

                              I made few changes in jbpm console war (version 3.2.3).
                              Changes are:-
                              1) Make group Task avaliable to each user's personal Task List.
                              2) Added "Avail" link to the group task so that user can by clicking on this link assign the task to himself and then this task will not be visible to the other members of group. This way there wont be parallel task updation by members of group problem. Group task will be visible to all members of group until one of the member of group avail this task. (by "avail" link)
                              3) If task is not yet stated still examine, suspend links were available. So made this change.

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                                Caleb Powell Newbie

                                Hi Tom,

                                I'm responding to your inquiry about the tool we wrote:


                                I would love to contribute this. I'm confident that my http://www.intelliware.ca would like to as well, but I will need to ensure that there aren't any issues first. I will look into this first thing on Monday.

                                In the meantime, please send me any relevant information about the contribution process.


                                Caleb Powell

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                                  Bernd Ruecker Master

                                  Hi Caleb,

                                  did you have a look in the ChangeProcessInstanceVersionCommand? I haven't read thorugh your blog completly, but at least it tries to solve the same problem. maybe not that sophisticated yet.

                                  And a hint: It may get hard to commit such functionality in jbpm 3 by now, since it is switched to "maintenance mode", because new development effort goes in jbpm 4.


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                                    Tom Baeyens Master

                                    yes. in terms of contribution, i was only considering jbpm 4.

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