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    Error: forms.xml missing from Process

    falazar Novice


      Does the new GPD create a forms.xml to be put up with the processes definition.

      We have the new CVS build of the jbpm, but have still been having some troubles with the eclipse plugins.

      We got the old eclipse to put up a process definition, but when we try to access it via the web console, we get.

      Caused by: org.jbpm.JbpmException: file 'forms.xml' not found in db
      at org.jbpm.file.def.FileDefinition.getByteArray(FileDefinition.java:210)
      at org.jbpm.file.def.FileDefinition.getInputStreamFromDb(FileDefinition.java:169)
      at org.jbpm.file.def.FileDefinition.getInputStream(FileDefinition.java:126)
      ... 58 more

      I searched around on the forum, and barely found mention of the forms.xml file, and noticed that Tom added the code into the TaskForms.java, but it doesnt appear to be created anywhere.... Did we catch the cvs in the middle?

      I see a couple jira issues, but nothing too close.