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    iCal Task Management Client prototype

    Adrian Apthorp Newbie


      To complement my jBPM iCalendar / CalDav wrapper (taskcal) I've just uploaded an experimental XUL extension for Mozilla Lightning - taskcal-x.


      taskcal-x adds the ability to Mozilla Lightning, to open a task form, set task status, set a task transition (reason) and a comment to task . I've had to use iCalendar 'X-' properties for exchanging the form and transition information.

      The current version of taskcal (0.1) creates a default form using the task variables. These can be viewed and updated in taskcal-x. A future version of taskcal will allow the developer to design the form and experiment with different task rendering options (e.g. HTML, XUL and XForms), probably using velocity.

      Therefore its currently best tested with simple approval type tasks.

      I'd really like some feedback on this, especially in refining the mappings and use of the 'X-' properties.

      P.S. The extensions can be enabled in taskcal by setting the experimental attribute to true in jbpm.cfg.xml. e.g.