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    How to access the ejb environment?

    Martin Heinemann Newbie


      i just trying to access the environment of a client (swing) that is calling a session bean.
      The client has a property "locale" set in which the current language is stored.
      I have to read this language in the session bean.
      In ejb2.1 this was possible using the sessioncontext


      I'm using Jboss 4.0.4SP1 with EJB RC5.

      The api of the SessionContext says, that this is now deprecated and i should use java:comp/env instead.
      How can i solve this?
      I tried:
       InitialContext ini = new InitialContext();
       NamingContext o = (NamingContext) ini.lookup("java:comp/env");

      But this will throw an NameNotBoundException.

      Is there a manual for that?

      Thanks for your help