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    some general and entry level questions about Jboss portal

    legolas woodland Novice

      Thank you for reading my post.
      I have some general and entry level questions about Jboss Portal which i hope you help me to know the answers

      1-Does this portal works on tomcat ?
      2-can we deploy a jsr-168 standard portlet which works inside pluto on Jboss portal ?
      3-how is localization in jboss portal ?
      -is there RTL and LRT support in portal system ? it means that for example :
      I localize it to Hebrew which is RTL , and then will it show texts from right to left and also will it decorate portlets right to left?
      is there any key in its resource bundle to determine the language direction?
      -is it possible to change the locale on-demand ? in jetspeed we have drop down box to select language
      in StringBeans there is language bar with each locale flag.. , what is jboss portal facility in this issue ?
      4-can the portal be configured to:
      1-show an specefic home page fot not logged in users
      2-show specefic home page to users which are logged in based on thier role ?
      5-what portlets are shipped with jboss portal ?
      6-is it completely them able ?
      7-is it jsr-168 TCK passed ?

      Thank you