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    CMS url and CMSObjectCommandMapper : best way to debug ?

    Antoine Herzog Master


      I am using a sub class of CMSPortlet, and the /content/... url does not work.
      I have no parameter passed to the doView method. The parameter "path" is null in the render request.

      I have checked many thing.
      the configuration of the CMSObjectCommandMapper in the jboss-service.xml is updated to send the request to my window :

       <attribute name="Prefix">content</attribute>
       <!-- AHG : original
       <attribute name="TargetWindowRef">default.default.DefaultCMSPortletWindow</attribute>
       <attribute name="TargetWindowRef">default.defaultPage.SWPalCoreSimpleHtmlPagesMenuWindow</attribute>
       <depends optional-attribute-name="Mapper" proxy-type="attribute">portal:mapper=PrefixDelegating</depends>
       <depends optional-attribute-name="CMSService" proxy-type="attribute">portal:service=CMS</depends>

      if the url is wrong (no file exist), I get an exception from the CMSObjectCommandMapper, saying it can't find the file.
      if the file exists, the CMSObjectCommandMapper run with no message, but no parameter at all are set in the render request (that is executed for shure).

      I have looked at the code of the CMSObjectCommandMapper : can't see what's wrong.

      how can I debug this ?
      some advice ?
      overload the CMSObjectCommandMapper to add some debug info ?
      better idea ?

      Also : where can I find info, examples, etc... on the CommandMapper chain of responsability ?