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    SVG in portlet

    Shaun Collins Newbie

      Describe your environment:
      JBoss Portal Version
      2.4.0 CR1

      Did you get Portal from CVS? or download it?

      JBoss AS Version
      4.0.4 GA

      Database Vendor and Version
      enterprise db 8.1

      JDBC Connector and Version
      EnterpriseDB Native Driver, version: EnterpriseDB

      OS Platform
      windows xp sp2

      Describe the problem:
      I have a portlet that contains an inline svg image. The rest of the portlet is displayed fine but the svg is ignored by the browser. The tags appear in the source. I can reproduce this in a regular page(not a portlet) by making the file .html instead of .xhtml. This has led me to believe that the portal is returning an .html file (I could be wrong). That would explain why the browser is ignoring the svg content. Is there a way to get the portal to return an xhtml page, or has anyone found a way to get inline svg to work?

      Thanks in advance,

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