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    CommandFactoryDelegate and InvokeWindowActionCommand possibl

    Antoine Herzog Master


      I am rewriting my own CommandFactoryDelegate to manage url mapping and sending file to show in the CMSPortlet.

      in the doMapping method

      public ControllerCommand doMapping(ServerInvocation invocation, String portalContextPath, String portalRequestPath)

      the return is with a InvokeWindowRenderCommand :
      return new InvokeWindowRenderCommand(myTargetWindowRef, Mode.VIEW, null, params);

      Is it possible to use the InvokeWindowActionCommand, to have the processAction triggered ?

      is this compliant to JSR-168 ?
      Am I misundersting the JSR ?
      If the file change in the CMSPortlet, I guess it my involve some action to be processed, such as updating the navigation menu item that is active.
      I would like then to use some IPC to have the menu of navigation updated.

      I am trying to do it, but I get no answer from the server.
      I mean the logs show it goes through the processAction method, everything is processed properly, but then, the log shows it does not go through the doView method.

      the code is :
      return new InvokeWindowActionCommand(myTargetWindowRef, Mode.VIEW, WindowState.NORMAL, params, (StateString)paramsInteraction, paramsForms);

      I have tried to put my parameters in the params list, and also in the paramsForms.
      nothing work : the doView does not follow the processAction.

      Any idea of what is wrong in this ?


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          Viet Master

          - You can return any command from a factory, it will just processed by the portal. You can even add your own commands.

          - It is not related to JSR-168, it is how JBoss Portal implements its portal. It not really related to the portlet container itself (although some command trigger the portlet container like InvokeWindowActionCommand and such)

          - If you want to update the navigational state of the portlet window (its render parameters) you need to return rather an InvokeWindowRenderCommand with the proper ParametersStateString containing the render parameters.