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    Preview link on Management portlet broken

    Sandeep Pujar Newbie


      I am running Jbossportal 2.4-GA, and here is the issue.

      Login as admin and go to management portlet.

      Steps to repro:
      1. Create a new Page.
      2. Hit "Preview" link or the new Page link on the nav bar.
      3. The new page shows up with no portlets on it , so far so good.
      4. Go back to management portlet and add a portlet on this new page.
      5. Hit "Preview" link or the new Page link on the nav bar, the newly added portlet does not show up on the new page.

      More info: if you copy the link to this new page and paste it in another instance of the browser then the new page shows up with the new portlet on it.

      If you are thinking about browser cache, yes I did clean up my browser cache and hit refresh and still it did not work.

      Something funky going on here with sessions and cache.

      Any pointers on what might be going wrong ?