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    mmontoni Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am trying to see if it is possible to bring the login.jsp as the first page that comes up when you open the portal in the browser.

      Does anyone knows where can I configure this?



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          Rashmi Setty Newbie

          Create a page and modify its security such that only logged in user can view that page.Then click on root in Management portlet.Select the default page as the page u have created.IF you access htpp://localhost:8080/portal it will open login page.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            Well you could also secure /* instead of auth/* in the jboss-server.war/WEB-INF/web.xml file

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              mmontoni Newbie

              Thanks guys,

              I followed a wiki I found for JBoss Portal 2.0 and changed in jboss-portal.sar/portal-server.war/web-inf/web.xml. It worked but did I do it right? I am trying to integrate Acegi on it...I did it on portal-server.war but I can't get the login.jsp to show up anymore....I wonder if I should redo everything under jboss-portal.sar.


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                Hari Cahyadi Newbie

                Hi portal geek, I am facing problem same with your problem to change the default login.jsp have you already solved your problem? if yes, can you tell me how? thanks before



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                  Antoine Herzog Master

                  A way to do it is :
                  - let the portal do the process of authentification, as it is, with the login.jsp etc...
                  - just change the login module (or add a new one) with the acegi login module for jboss (don't remember the exact class name, in the adapter provided with acegi)

                  this way, you have a principal setup by the portal, that is a Authentication class from acegi
                  the portal works fine with it (it just need the name of the Principal...).

                  this mean : not using the Acegi authentification process... if you don't really need it.
                  you have the "Acegi Principal" as a result, but don't touch the login process.
                  If you really need it : this should not be such a problem, with replacing this process instead of the tomcat/servlet one that is in portal-server.war.

                  after, to use Acegi security stuff, just add two filters : the httpsessionintegration... (the first one), to have the context holder setup in the session, and the jboss filter provided with acegi, to have jboss set up with this principal.
                  add these in the portal-server web app.

                  it works fine...

                  I will add these thing to the yet existing wiki. but I want to finish my integration before to write some explaination.