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    Browser Adress Bar

    Test Tester Newbie

      when I'm browsing through the Portal the Adress of the Portal in the Browser Adress Bar changes to Something like:


      But I want that it just shows http://"servername"/portal/ or http://"servername"/

      thx for your help

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          Test Tester Newbie

          Does really nobody know how to set the content of the adress field?

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            Antoine Herzog Master

            I don't really understand what you mean or want....
            Could you explain more what is the problem, and what you want to achieve.

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              Test Tester Newbie

              OK I try...

              OK, I open my portal page at the moment with the adress http://"servername"/portal/.
              When I'm navigating through the portal content, the adress bar content changes to something like:


              I think that's the Name of the called Portal Page and the called actionURL etc.
              But I want that informations like Portal Page or actionURL are hidden and all the time I'm using the portal, the browser adress bar shows

              Hope this explanation was good enough... :-/

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                erich_lol Newbie


                same problem here. I tried to do a webapp that just contains an index.html file which contains frame pointing to the portal. the only problem is that with the frame the session is lost. So everyclick on the portal generates a new session :(
                Can this be fixed?