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    Importing Users into JBoss Portal 2.4.1

    David Roberts Apprentice

      Does anyone know how to import users into JBoss Portal, instead of adding them each seperatly while logged in as admin.

      Also, I have setup LDAP authentication, however when logging in as a user that doesn't exist in portal, but does exist in your LDAP directory, that user can log in successfully, but trying to edit his profile will say the user object does not exist. I was hoping that his profile may of been pulled into the portal from LDAP, or at least a user object would of been created for him. I don't want to have to manually go in and create every user in the portal that exists in our LDAP directory. That is the reason for my first question above about importing users.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Antoine Herzog Master

          I guess you are using jbp 2.6 with ldap intégration ?

          I still use 2.4, but...

          for importing the user, look at the UserModule and RoleModule.
          they are jmx services, so they are described in one of the jboss-service.xml of the portal.

          and look at the java class.
          you'll see there how to add some users in the db.

          but... i would do a better integration.
          Because doing some kind of replication of the user information from the ldap to the table into the portal is not a good idea : it should bring a lot of other troubles (how to update etc...).

          => modify the user module so that it provide the data of the user directly coming from the LDAP.
          and adapt the user management screen so it comply with the data that are available in your ldap.

          I am quite sure things have been organized like that on the 2.6 version.
          may be it is a question to set all the configuration for LDAP authentification properly.
          may be you have missed something when setting your configuration.
          especialy look around the UserModule...

          this are some guess, as I don't use yet the 2.6
          hope it helps...

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            David Roberts Apprentice

            Thanks, will take a look into it.