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    2 questions concerning CMS

    Thomas Beuleke Newbie

      i'm trying to develop a web application that retrieves content from the PortalCMS (currently version 2.2.1).
      First of all, how can i acces the CMS-service in a web application (a servlet) running on the same JBoss server. I looked how the CMSAAdminportlet access the CMS but this seems to be a dead end since it gets the CMS object via the PortletContext (which apparently does not exists in my servlet).
      Do you have any ideas?

      Additionally i try to acces the repository directly via the jca-connector from jackrabbit. I have no problems accesing the cms but i have serious problems finding any information about stored folders. When the jbossportal is configured to use the local filesystem and i look at the stored files i can find a node for each folder i created in the CMSAdminportlet. But i cannot find any folder nodes when i use the PortalDS.

      Thanks for your help!