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    How do I default a portlet window to maximized?

    David Roberts Apprentice


      I am making use of IFrame to pull in a few other web apps into our JBoss portal. I have made different IFrame portlets in portlet.xml, so that I can give them each their own title etc, and an instance of each in portlet-instances.xml, and in here I have specified the url and size of the window, and disabled edit support so the user can't change the URL.
      Now when I use the manager to add them to a page, I would like one portlet per page, but I want each portlet window to start out MAXIMIZED, so the entire web app I am referencing fits nicely without the users having to click the maximize button. How do I set the default for a portlet window to start out maximized? I can't find a reference in the documentation.

      Any help would be appreciated.