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    jboss-4.2.0.CR1 and jboss portal 2.4.1

    grininger.h Newbie

      jboss-4.2.0.CR1 and jboss portal 2.4.1 -
      does/should the combination work?

      On my first try I got the following exception (while deploying portal-core-war)

      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.myfaces.webapp.StartupServletContextListener

      so I downloaded myfaces and copied all myfaces jars into the /server/default/lib, so the ClassNotFoundException was gone. but the jboss-portal still doesnt work, on startup I got the following exception, however I'm not sure if that's the real problem:
      17:26:07,192 WARN [ServiceController] Problem starting service portal:deployer=Adapter
      org.jboss.portal.server.deployment.CannotCreatePortletWebAppException: JBossWeb cannot handle it
       at org.jboss.portal.server.deployment.PortalWebAppFactory.create(PortalWebAppFactory.java:70)
       at org.jboss.portal.server.deployment.WebAppIntercepter.startService(WebAppIntercepter.java:185)
       at org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport.jbossInternalStart(ServiceMBeanSupport.java:289)
       at org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport.start(ServiceMBeanSupport.java:196)

      So my main question is now, is jboss 4.2.0 CR1 and portal 2.4.1 compatible?

      Generally I think this information should be presented at a prominent position, I didn't find it.

      Thanks in advance. Hubert