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    Trouble with "IE Hack"  sizer, expander, and portal-containe

    Jon Whitmore Newbie

      I'm using portal 2.4.1 and for the life of me I can't get the IE hack to maintain a minimum width.

      Does anyone have any tips to get this to work? I have tweaked every style attribute I can think of to massage this 'hack' into my layout. My layout is very similair to the portal's index.jsp layout in structure and I'm going in circles.


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          Antoine Herzog Master

          I would like to know about this too.

          Note : with IE 7, many things have changed in the way css are applied (thanks MS... great job !).

          Because of all this, I changed all the layout and style, to make my own.
          After having tried some Div structure for the layout, as it is recommended, I finally used simple table.

          To have a minimum width, you can put a "special cell", not much visible, that has something in it that have the requiered width. Like a blank gif. It should prevent from reducing the TD further than this thing.
          not nice, but should work.

          note also : version 2.6 comes with a new layout and theme (called "renaissance"). May be interesting to look at it...

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            Jon Whitmore Newbie

            Renaissance and all the other themes use a variant of the IE hack, at least in 2.4.1. The margins are all a little different, but the same div names are used.

            I can't see an appreciable difference between what I'm doing and what "Ren" is doing.