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    New Portal User. So Many Options. Which to use?

    Eric Brennan Newbie

      I am a new Developer starting to work with JBoss Portal.
      There seem to be so many different options and combinations.

      Can someone with a little exprience with portal please advise.

      Here is a little background.
      Test OS is Windows but production (3 months from now) will Sun or Linux.
      Database will be Oracle. I would like to use Oracle because we currently run Oracle apps and will be interfacing with it for our User list.

      To setup the different than default database it looks like I should get the Portal that does not contain JBoss AS. If so what version of JBoss AS.
      What Portal version should I use?
      Should I setup up the Oracle database with AS before installing Portal? Is there a seperate Portal Database setup?


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          Antoine Herzog Master

          1) read the reference guide documentation (that's the best advice...)
          to get a nice general view of all things, even if you just read it quickly and will come back to it when doing the things

          2) read the JSR-168 specification. it's not boring... and very usefull, whatever portal you use

          3) database : you can take the jboss + portal package. Database configuration are not dependant from this. You can configure your database whenever you want.

          4) start with : install the portal, make it run "as it is delivered". Follow the installation chapter in ref guide doc. This to make sure everything is setup properly and run. Play around with it. Then configure the datasource to the database you want (oracle). Switch to your new (Oracle) datasource before to create important data for your test (like users, etc...).

          5) to set the database. Advice : set a different database/datasource for a) portal objects, b) user and roles, c) CMS.
          This way, you have separate database (isolation) of things that are fully independant. And a enhanced architecture, for prod.

          6) to set the datasources : set the hibernate configuration to different datasources, in folder : "...\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\conf\hibernate". example : change

          <property name="connection.datasource">java:PortalDS</property>

          <property name="connection.datasource">java:PortalUSERSDS</property>

          7) add the datasource description (PortalUSERSDS) in the file portal-xxxxxx-ds.xml, in folder : "...\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\conf\hibernate".
          You can make several "-ds.xml" files, for easiest modifications. Like "portal-users-and-roles-mysql-ds.xml".

          8) change the name of the datasources in the modules that use them, in all the jboss-service.xml files.
          Search for portalDS and set the datasource to the one needed. (ie : PortalUSERSDS in the user and role modules, PortalCMSDS in the CMS module, etc...). Look at it, you will understand what I mean.

          9) the conf/hibernate files, "-ds.xml" files, and jboss-service.xml files, are the only three place to setup/change for databases/datasources.

          10) To make a new datasource, just create the database (empty). Then Hibernate rebuild the default tables with default data if they are not there (when you first launch the jboss server again).

          11) Windows or linux does not matter. My dev is with windows, my prod on linux or apples OSX

          search for post in the forum, there are plenty of stuff to help you for your trial (I think I have posted on database configuration and separating the databases...). And post if needed...

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            Eric Brennan Newbie

            I have installed the bundled JBoss AS + Portal + Java 1.5 r11
            No other setup as yet.
            I then ran the run script and shutdown script twice.

            I can log onto the portal using http://localhost:8080/portal and the screens look like the ones in the installation instructions but when I run the run.bat I think I am taking errors.

            Here is the log file.
            Can someone please review it and let me know if this is normal.


            I am behind a firewall and will need to set the proxies correctly to get the news portlets to work. I searched the directories for the words proxyHost and did not find any files related to that.

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              Prabhat Jha Master

              Which JBoss portal version you are using?

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                Eric Brennan Newbie

                I installed the